Sunday, 22 January 2012


After getting up one morning ready to start a fresh card, I was gutted to find that the handle on my GC would not turn. As I picked it up to have look closer at it I heard a sound of dread.  Something metallic was rattling around inside. Next stop was a phone call to the supplier and they picked it up three days later, so just waiting hear if it is being repaired or replaced.

For some who makes most her cards based around using die cuts, its amazing how frustrating it is not to have it, luckily I kept my Big Shot (which I use with smaller dies and when I just want a one off piece), but it is much slower going and I have added a Cricut Baby Bug to my craft tools (which I am loving).

But I have struggled on without my Calibur and have created a few pieces without the GC.

This card made using 90% of black card and my twinkling H2Os.  They are an incredible medium to have.  The backing sheet, started life as just a cream paper with the black design.  I wanted the black imagery but not the colour.
I have used a mixture of Cricut cut shapes, spellbinders and lea'bility dies for this one.

With a Special Touch of Mica masks and a beautiful lea'bility die. This is a beautiful and slight quirky die that I see me using often.

Cut with my cricut, with an accent heart using  a Marianne die.

Join me in wishing my Grand Calibur a speedy recovery and return to home soon.

Happy crafting everone xx


  1. Speedy recovery little GC.. and speedy return.
    Although you seem to be getting some great results without it..
    Keep the inspiration flowing

  2. Oh I could imagine life without my die cutter!! dread!! shivers! of dear, talk about withdrawal symptoms, and my Happy is still here, hope your GC returns soon!!

    But your making lovely stuff without it hun, well done, !!

  3. Hope the CG is well on way to recovery. However the cards are stunning as always. Clearly your talent overcomes any adversity! x

  4. Beautiful cards, Jane. Like you, I'm in love with my Grand Calibur, and hope it lasts a long time. The dimensionality in your cards makes them especially stunning. Thanks for sharing your tale, and your cards.

  5. Hi Jane, I'm Elaine, same thing happenned to me I was devestated but as I had only had the calibur for two weeks the supplier changed it for me. I had used the correct sandwich , infact all the plates paper and dies were still stuck in the machine , couldnt budge them. Hope it gets sorted for you. Your cards are just Fantastic, you have a great flair.
    Well Done .
    Elaine W

  6. Hi Jane I love your cards I too have a GC and would hate to think what I would do without it the thought is scary

    Joolse x